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18 February 2008 @ 05:47 pm
Friending Meme 「お友達になりましょ~か☆」  
Some months ago, I thought about doing one of those friending memes for this community. Then I thought I should do it on Valentine's Day, but as you probably noticed, I didn't. D: I just moved into my own apartment and I've had a lot to do lately, so it just slipped my mind. But it's not too long since Valentine's Day, so I figured I might just as well do it now.

I know, there's a lot of these going around livejournal all the time, but.. I find them nice every time. :D ♥

the となり町 friending meme ♡

・ Copy and paste the code below into a new comment and fill in the questions.
・ You don't have to answer to all the questions--there's quite a lot of them--just answer to those you want and delete the rest or leave them blank.
・ Post your comment.
・ Go through other people's comments and if you find someone interesting, start a conversation or ask to friend them. :3
・ Don't flame. Comments that I consider uncalled-for will be deleted.
・ Have fun. ♥

Feel free to advertise. ♥ This post is public.
「 s a i  」papercloud on February 18th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
♡ Y O U
Name/nickname: dizi, sai
Country: Germany
Gender: female
Age: secret^^;

What's your personality? most likely dorky, but sometimes serious too; random; caring; usually I'm hyper, but of course I have my bad times also. XD;
What do you usually post about? things I think about; so that could be a movie, news, my daily life... but most likely it's music ♥

♡ M U S I C
Favourite music genre: Metal/Rock. But when I'm happy, I do listen to pop too ♥
Favourite musicians: That's hard to choose... this list could fill like, ten pages, but too keep it short: Ruki (the GazettE) and Satoshi (girugämesh, I admire those men for their voices, their lyrics and stage presences so much!)
All time favourite bands: dollis marry, girugämesh, the GazettE
Current favourite bands: (well, not a band but artist) Nano and the GazettE
All time favourite songs: -
Current favourite songs: Hourglass Story by Nano & kyomu no owari hakozume no mokushi by GazettE (yay for long titles! (= =)' )

Link to your last.fm profile if you have one: http://www.last.fm/user/LostSai

♡ L I V E S
Have you seen any Japanese bands live? If so, what bands? the GazettE and girugämesh ♥
What's the best Japanese band you've seen live? Well~♥ girugämesh's concert was better because of the fans, but band-wise, they were equal I would say. ♥
Do you plan on going to see any Japanese bands anytime soon? I wish I could go and see Matenrou Opera & Versailles live, but I can't. *sad*
If you could choose, which band(s) would you like to come to your country? So many! dollis marry (*waits for them to end their hiatus*), plus I want to see girugämesh and GazettE again! And... all bands I like (Q __ Q)♥
What would you say if you had the chance to talk to your favourite Japanese musician? I guess I couldn't say a word (^ ^);

♡ S T Y L E S
Who's the most stylish jrocker? Many of them. ♥ They just have a sense for style. (° °)v
Who's the least stylish jrocker? /
What band has the best visuals? /
What band has the worst visuals? Those who go after a certain style but just fail. D:
Which visual kei subgenre looks the best? I do like many, as long as it fits to the people who wear it~♥

♡ R A N D O M
Whose blog is the best?/Whose blogs do you follow? /
Whose blog pictures are the funniest? Moe (AILE) ♥
Whose blog is the most boring? /
Who's the dorkiest? /
Something random about a random jrocker: Iori (dollis marry) has the most awesome hair ever!
... XD

Anything else you would like to say? I love making new friends as well ♥ So, don't be scared of all the hearts and randomness and strangeness, please~? ♥ (^ __ ^);
[ Rurin ]rurin on February 18th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
Something random about a random jrocker: Iori (dollis marry) has the most awesome hair ever!

Agreed. This is so true XD