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となり町→ tonarimachi

jmusic community

となり町→ a jmusic filesharing community
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Welcome to となり町, one of the biggest and most active community centered on sharing Japanese music on livejournal. While visual kei indies bands are featured the most often due to the large interest towards the said genre among Japanese music fans outside Japan, this community is by no means limited to sharing only visual kei music, but all kinds of Japanese music is more than welcome.

This community is a (moderated) members only, so please join the community to see the posts. If you want to post in the community, you will have to read the rules below or your post may be deleted.

**Unused accounts are no longer acceptable to request membership. If you have no intention of using livejournal other then to add communities to take others uploads, you will not be granted membership.


READ ALL OF THESE BEFORE POSTING. Posts that do not follow the rules will be deleted. If a user continues to disregard the rules, they will be banned from the community.

01. Respect the moderators. Follow the rules.

02. This community is for Japanese music. You can share albums, singles, videos, concert DVDs, and the like, but make sure it's from Japan.

03. Don't request for too much stuff, and always post bribes if you request a lot. Do not request full discographies without bribes.

04. Don't spam. Don't post two request posts in a row, you can just edit your previous post. Don't crosspost to more than three communities.

05. ABSOLUTELY NO LINKS TO LOCKED POSTS IN OTHER JOURNALS OR COMMUNITIES. Even if it's open for, say, 24 hours, and will be locked only after that, DO NOT LINK IT HERE. This rule was added due to request from the community's own members.

06. Comment when you download, don't start drama, keep nasty opinions of bands etc. to your personal journal. In other words, respect others.

07. Tagging is mostly done by tagging moderators, but if a tag exists already, you can use it. However, you cannot add new tags, only moderators can do that.

08. Pictures wider than 400px should be placed under an lj-cut.

09. Don't go requesting for stuff on the release date. Wait a few days, someone will eventually be kind enough to rip and upload it.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the rules, feel free to contact any of the moderators of this community or comment here.

Useful FAQ entries: How to make an lj-cut? // How to tag my entries?


Sato_kotaishi - Mod/Owner
simply_emotion - Maintainer.
the_wasuremono - Maintainer.
karmik - Creator.


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The name of the community comes from a song by 蜉蝣 (Kagerou), となり町の彼女 (Tonarimachi no Kanojo).

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