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18 February 2008 @ 05:47 pm
Friending Meme 「お友達になりましょ~か☆」  
Some months ago, I thought about doing one of those friending memes for this community. Then I thought I should do it on Valentine's Day, but as you probably noticed, I didn't. D: I just moved into my own apartment and I've had a lot to do lately, so it just slipped my mind. But it's not too long since Valentine's Day, so I figured I might just as well do it now.

I know, there's a lot of these going around livejournal all the time, but.. I find them nice every time. :D ♥

the となり町 friending meme ♡

・ Copy and paste the code below into a new comment and fill in the questions.
・ You don't have to answer to all the questions--there's quite a lot of them--just answer to those you want and delete the rest or leave them blank.
・ Post your comment.
・ Go through other people's comments and if you find someone interesting, start a conversation or ask to friend them. :3
・ Don't flame. Comments that I consider uncalled-for will be deleted.
・ Have fun. ♥

Feel free to advertise. ♥ This post is public.
darwinian_finch on February 18th, 2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
♡ Y O U
Name/nickname: Mallory/Mal
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (I'll be 21 in two days~ say Happy Birthday to me, it'll make me smile. ;) )

What's your personality? I'm really sarcastic but I don't try to scathe or hurt other people's feelings. I'm told that I'm fun to be around but that I sometimes micromanage when I'm under stress, which I admit to doing.
What do you usually post about? Usually just daily life and what I'm doing. Lately my posts have been of feelings about certain things that have been bugging me but I realize that it's good therapy to do that.

♡ M U S I C
Favourite music genre: METAALLL
Favourite musicians: Dave Matthews (lol don't judge me, his really old stuff [Before These Crowded Streets] was pretty dark and yummy), Leonard Cohen, Nina Hagen, and a few j-rock musicians. Isn't that terrible-- I can throw my english favs out there but I have issue with throwing out my Japanese specifics because of the risk of sounding like a fangirl. I fail at life, clearly.
All time favourite bands: D'espairsRay, lynch., Kamelot, deadman, SCISSOR, The Sultans, Sadie, Eighteen Visions, CORE THE CHILD, and √eight.
Current favourite bands: Black:List (Kyoutaro of √eight's new gig), Lily Allen, Cold War Kids, Dethklok, Dresden Dolls, Dir en grey, Girugamesh, In Flames, The Darkness, The Underneath, MUCC.
All time favourite songs: "a withered flower" by GULLET, "dead tree" by Dir en grey,
Current favourite songs: "DARKWAVE SURFER" by AURAL VAMPIRE, "Cheap Dish" by Guy's Family, "MAD CAPSULE" by LuLu

Link to your last.fm profile if you have one: last.fm

♡ L I V E S
Have you seen any Japanese bands live? If so, what bands? D'espairsRay, Girugamesh, Alice Nine, Vidoll, Girugamesh, Merry, MUCC, Kagrra,, DuelJewel, BLOOD, The Candy Spooky Theater, Dir en grey
What's the best Japanese band you've seen live? D'espairsRay
Do you plan on going to see any Japanese bands anytime soon? In May, I'm going to Japan with some friends to see some shows so yes, I plan to see several lol.
If you could choose, which band(s) would you like to come to your country? lynch.
What would you say if you had the chance to talk to your favourite Japanese musician? I'd probably ask them where they plan to go with their music from here.

♡ S T Y L E S
Who's the most stylish jrocker? D8 I'm not a good judgement of this.
Who's the least stylish jrocker? -
What band has the best visuals? Probably Miyavi because I remember seeing him and getting a sensory overload.
What band has the worst visuals? -
Which visual kei subgenre looks the best? I really like the gothic/industrial visual genre best because it doesn't come off as trying too hard but still retains most aesthetic.

♡ R A N D O M
Whose blog is the best?/Whose blogs do you follow? I follow D'espairsRay's, Sadie's and Girugamesh's blogs. D'espa's blogs are usually the most entertaining.
Whose blog pictures are the funniest? D'espa. Those guys are so random, it's amusing. Tsukasa's or Karyu's pictures specifically.
Whose blog is the most boring? Maybe Mizuki from Sadie. I hate to say it but I skip over his blog entries half the time because his mental process is just hard to follow sometimes.
Who's the dorkiest? I feel mean pegging anybody as dorky, but if we're talking dorky/special, I'd say ShuU from Girugamesh. I love the man but he makes me lol a lot.
Something random about a random jrocker: So I heard Mako from ex. deadman has a kid and all I could think about when I heard that he/she that has to be the most elegant looking baby in creation.

Anything else you would like to say? I always like discovering new bands so I enjoy adding new people to my music network.

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